Dance With Me is more than just a fitness program. Fitness should make you feel good. How can you stay with something if you don’t absolutely love it.

Dance With Me is all about the students… or as we call them the “Dance With Me Family”! It is the only program for anyone and everyone of all walks of life. NO JUDGEMENT!

Here are REAL testimonials from REAL people who have tried Dance With Me and other workouts created by Billy and Sharon Catherine.

If you have a story about what Dance With Me means to you or you just want to say hi, please post your comment below.

Welcome to the Family!

I walked in early, found a safe spot about half way to the back and watched the room fill up with strangers. I had just moved to LA from Canada and I didn’t know a soul. More and more AND MORE strangers were streaming into the Group X room at 24 Hour Fitness in Sherman Oaks. When I thought the room was at capacity, even more people came in. I looked around at all of the faces, and wondered who of these people would eventually become my friends. When Billy and Sharon entered the room, the energy was electric. I was ready to do my first Dance With Me class! When everyone moved right, I moved left. They went left, I went right. But I didn’t care. I smiled and danced for an hour and forgot that I didn’t know a soul. It was love at first dance. After class was over I felt compelled to thank Billy and Sharon for the pure joy I had just experienced. They gave me the most sincere warm welcome and Sharon hugged me for something like, a minute.

Hundreds of classes and tons of hugs later, I am a die hard DWM family member. Four-hour workouts, two flash mobs and a stream of girls night’s out with my new found DWM friends, if it’s DWM I’m up for it! It has truly become my second family. I am a 42 year old, stay-at-home mom of 2 (a son, 10 & daughter, 8). I have been doing DWM for almost 2 years. Working out is MY time. I NEED it. I am a HAPPIER person because of it, ask my husband! DWM is great for my physical health. I stay fit. I have lost weight, and to my surprise and delight, have built amazing stamina! It’s great for my mental health. I sleep better. It’s great for my brain! Learning choreography makes it a “thinking workout” and I love that!

My love for DWM has been contagious. Anyone looking at my facebook pictures can see how much fun we have! Friends and family who visit me in CA can’t wait to go to DWM with me.

Last February, I took the leap and became a certified DWM instructor. I have not studied dance all my life. I am not from the fitness world. I just love DWM. I now teach an after school DWM class at my kid’s elementary school. Kids have stress. I get to dance that stress away with them. It’s been extremely rewarding to hear that a kid who wasn’t particularly enthused about going to school Monday mornings, is now excited, because DWM is after school that day.

I discovered the tremendous benefit of fitness at a later age, after I had my second child and those extra pounds were running rampant. My kids will grow up with fitness all around them, learning by example. They attend my DWM class weekly and have already participated in two 4-hour workouts. They see it as fun, not work. They LOVE Billy and Sharon.

I LOVE Billy and Sharon! They are the real deal. They have changed my life and I will forever be grateful. Bollywood, hip-hop, disco, country, jive, tango, salsa, samba, you name it, they teach it with a passion that is inspiring. They are making the world a better place one dance step at a time!

If you are a dancer, you will love DWM. If you aren’t, EVEN BETTER!

With sincere gratitude and much love,
Vittoria Quane
42 year old stay-at-home mom of 2 who knows over 100 dance routines!

Darrin Coulsell

What can I say about Dance With Me? It was a New Year’s Resolution that started my life changing journey! I set some goals to get healthy; run a 5k, run the 2011 LA Marathon and to go sky diving. Those were some crazy resolutions because I could not walk a single mile without being exhausted and out of breath. I was taking two medications for high blood pressure, one for cholesterol and one for my asthma.

As you know, New Year’s Resolutions don’t last long – but somehow this shy guy (me) walks into Dance With Me class. I was so scared I almost turned around and walked out! I’m glad I didn’t walk out.. It was that class that changed my life. The Blanks made me a part of their family from the first class. I started by taking 1-2 DWM classes a week and started running in between.

About a year later, I completed my New Year’s Resolution and ran the LA Marathon – in the worst weather in marathon history! But I still had one more thing to do.. go to Dance With Me class the next day.

While I was running my marathons, I would want to stop. But I could hear Sharon Catherine telling me “don’t let your mind tell your body what it can do” just like she tells her DWM class. It motivated me, I would always push on. After all, I could not let Mama down even though she didn’t know I was even running in the LA marathon!

For the first time in my life I completed my New Year’s Resolution. I know if I didn’t walk into that class that January, my dream would have never came true! I no longer take my cholesterol and asthma medication, and am now down to one blood pressure medication!

I started this CRAZY journey because of a DWM, it is the cherry on the top of my accomplishments! Oh and I also jumped out of an airplane (because I lost 60lb)!

2 1/2 years later, I still take 3 DWM classes a week and I’m still running!

Finally I was on Shark Tank with The Blanks as they introduced Dance With Me to the world…

Thank you Billy and Sharon Catherine

Love Darrin


Dance with me has changed my health, outlook, attitude and LIFE forever! I crave this class! The class is a scheduled meeting in my calendar each and every week! When the stress of my job gets me then I absolutely triple up the class for that week! I NEVER miss not a sniffle or sleepless night can take me from my DANCE with ME class! My daughter found them for me and I am hooked for life. I tell everyone about it. The music, the people, the energy are a wonderful high in my day!

I LOVE you Sharon and Billy!

THANK YOU for changing me forever!



Dance with me is a light in my heart and soul! Sometimes when I can’t get there for a week or two, I think, “I must have made this up…it can’t be THAT great…” And then I go back, and it IS THAT great! There’s Billy and Sharon – who are kind, gorgeous
dancers, fun and have an indescribable generosity of spirit…but there is also the Dance WIth Me family that they have drawn. I use to really stick to myself at yoga and dance classes. Now I have this amazing community that is always so welcoming and sweet.

We get the BEST workout – really. Do Dance With Me even twice a week and watch your body change. It is so fun and you are constantly building your dance skills which is also good for your brain.

It is a full mind, body and spirit workout. Trust me.

I recommend Dance With Me to anyone who loves to move their body. If you love music and movement and want a supportive environment in which to grow – it’s for you! There are all ages and sizes and everybody rocks!

Billy and Sharon are such special people. I barely know them and feel so much love for them. I feel that from them too. It’s strange – they just radiate their love and care and interest in you. If I didn’t want to bother them – I would go up to them after
EVERY class and thank them. Really. And if I did do that – I would get a big hug! I know I am not a bother – but we gotta let them get on with their day! Actually – they taught me a lovely lesson. I wrote them a little fan email because their class made meso happy and
brings me so much. I felt a little embarrassed after I wrote it. Billy said, “Never hold that back.”…and Sharon said, “You have no idea what it means to us.” Well, I am FULL of that kind of love and optimism and I hold it back a lot. A lot of the world doesn’t want it, but since I’ve been hanging around these two – I find I am finding more of my kind. So that was a lovely lesson for me.


I am hoping to do the San Diego training in July. I used to think, “I won’t teach…” But Billy said, “You never know.” And why not? I LOVE to dance and I love to teach!

Marissa Kennerson

KATHY CROOYMANS (54 year old Grandma of 2)
My name is Kathy and I am a 54 year old grandmother of 2. I found Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks about 6 years ago after seeing them on the local news. This looked like a fun class so I thought I would make the hour long drive to try out their class. I never worked out so hard or sweat so much in my life. It was a lot of fun and the hour flew by. I couldn’t wait for the next class. Within a year I was taking their class several times a week. Not only did I lose 25 pounds, I gained amazing stamina. I love all of the different kinds of dance routines! I have always felt like I had 2 left feet and was afraid to try out anything where dance was involved. Billy & Sharon Catherine have created a very non judgmental environment with easy to follow instruction making me a dancer!! I have continued to take their classes on a regular basis and still love it after all these years! I even bring my 8 year grand-daughter to the 4 Hour Family workouts. She loves it as much as I do!

Dance With Me is my therapy. It is the one hour a day that I forget my stress and problems and just “dance it out”
Dance with Me is different from other workouts because you literally do not feel like you are exercising. It is a time to laugh and have a good time among a group of loving and supportive people
I recommend Dance with Me to any one and everyone. It doesn’t matter what your age is or size. This a place to let it all loose and just have a good time.
Dance with me has also happened me gain more confidence on the dance floor.
What I really want to note is the first time I took the class with Sharon and Billy I cried because for the time in years that I felt so in touch with my body. I felt truly alive and I have been a dance with me fan and family member ever since.

There is nothing else like it in this world.

The first time I took a Dance With Me class was truly amazing. I had taken other dance class programs, but the Dance With Me class took dance to another place. A place were I was excited, a place were I learned new dance moves, A place were everyone around me was having a great time. It was a place were I didnt have to worry about being perfect, only just about having fun. The instructor was an awesome dancer, and was so authentic (down to earth) you felt right at home. I even felt comfortable enough at one point to relax and be a little silly.
It is something I hope to remember for a long time.
Tanya Jones
Cleburne, TX

My name is Angela Phillips. I am 33 years of age. I live in the state of Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. I do not know the Blanks’ personally, but I have something to say. I feel that Dance With Me is like a bridge. I will call that bridge A BRDIGE OF HOPE. I feel that Dance With Me is like that yellow brick road that people want to “ease on down”. People would want to ease on down the road with Sharon and Billy because it is a road that leads you somewhere special. It is a road that is made for anyone that is willing and desires success for their body, mind and overall health. Sharon and Billy give hope in their own unique way for this generation. They are that Bridge of Hope that is needed in a society today where many feel they are hopeless. God is the number one provider, in addition, He calls certain people like Sharon and Billy to be a light in this world. They shine bright with their good works.
I started out buying exercise DVD’s of Billy Blanks Sr. Tae Bo. They have been very effective for me, especially after I ate that slice of cake or some other food that I should have passed on. So, I liked Tae Bo for the results as it is effective in its own way. Then one day, I was browsing through EXERCISE TV and I say Billy Blanks Jr. I clicked on it and I saw a beautiful husband and wife duo dancing and making exercise look fun. I had been following them ever since. I started browsing the internet to get more information about them. I remember Sharon Catherine Blanks on that episode of Goodtimes as well as the episode of A Different World. Both of which I enjoyed. Sharon Catherine has been inspirational to me because I would watch her doing the exercises and she has this vibrant beautiful smile that just let’s you know that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. That is what her smile means to me. Her smile speaks for itself and says, “Hey You, everything will be alright!” She so eloquently sings everything will be alright in her song, “You are Enough”. I forwarded the video of “You Are Enough” from youtube to others and they have truly been uplifted by it. When I hear her sing either through the exercise videos or seeing some of her performances on youtube, it encourages me to sing more. I think to myself she is truly talented and deserves to be highlighted more. What lifts me about her and singing is that Sharon Catherine will sing ANYWAY and wherever regardless of who does not acknowledge her talent in the mainstream. She has a joy that is real and comes from the inside.
Billy Blanks Jr. has been inspirational to me because he also has a way of letting the viewer know, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. I like the way he talks to you as you are exercising. It is like counseling. Billy Blanks Jr. gets inside your head and distracts you with his charm and words of encouragement while exercising. Then, before you know it, you have finished the workout! Then he smiles and says, “You Did It! “How’d you do?” Ha ha.
Dance With Me is different from other dance workouts because the dance routines are unique. They incorporate many different styles of dancing and put them together as one fun, interesting and achievable exercise routine. What one may feel is impossible as they ponder over fitness goals, becomes possible with Sharon and Billy. They are a dynamic husband and wife duo that not only can inspire other married couples, but also inspire us single people. A single man or woman can look at their union and see that there is hope to meet someone who is genuinely supportive of your goals. It is possible to work together through bad and good times and achieve success that will not only benefit you as a couple, but will benefit others. They have a powerful testimony of surviving through homelessness and unfulfilling jobs to triumph, entrepreneurship and continued success today. I pray that Almighty God will continue to bless, protect and keep them. They are like the Michelle and Barack of fitness. I am very proud of them! Not simply because I am an African American woman, but as someone who can say, that my life has been made just a little bit better just because of Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks DANCE WITH ME! I recommend people of all races, ages and backgrounds to dance with Billy and Sharon! They have a little something for everyone. So prepare yourself to cross that bridge of hope and ease on down the Dance With Me Road of success for your body, mind and overall health!
Angela Phillips

TRACI LAMBERT (Age 42 – Mom)
DWM has completely changed my life on so many levels! I feel happier, more balanced, and a better Wife/Mommy because of DWM. I always have a ton of energy when I leave class too! There is NO other workout like DWM!

I have been taking DWM for 2 years now, and I can remember my first class as if it were yesterday. I remember standing outside waiting for class to begin and thinking, “What am I getting myself into? What if I can’t do the dance moves? What if I look like a total fool?” I almost walked away and left because I just didn’t think I could do it. I remember how I looked around and saw all of these people who were talking and laughing, and I’m thinking to myself, oh they are dancers I bet. I really should just walk away now, no one would notice right? Well, I didn’t. I braved it, and walked into class, stood in the very back and waited for class to begin. I remember when Billy and Sharon walked in, and how people clapped for them, gave them hugs, and the huge gorgeous smiles they both had. I was still nervous, but there was something very comforting about how I felt at that moment. I can remember them asking if anyone was new, and I raised my hand, I was terrified. Billy and Sharon said “Welcome, and please know you don’t have to be a dancer to take the class, you just have to have fun.” Well, at that moment, I thought, I can do that….I know how to have fun!”
So, class began, and within 5 minutes of class, I WAS having fun! I was loving it actually, and hey, I was dancing! Who knew? I NEVER in a million years knew how this one class would change my life forever. And, all for the better. I am completely addicted to Dance With Me, and I have met some amazing friends, truly AMAZING friends, and I can now say that those two people with the huge gorgeous smiles are now my dear, dear friends! They gave me something that I didn’t have before. They gave me the confidence to believe in myself when dancing. To believe I can do it, and now I know I can. I still struggle with hip hop, but I’m working at it (wink). And, who would have EVER thought this Mommy of 2 1/2 years old twins would like to krump? Well, I do, and it’s a blast! I always wonder if I found DWM, or DWM found me? Maybe a little of both. Either way, it’s mine! It’s my one hour where I can dance, laugh, be silly, and OWN IT! Oh, and that terrified Traci that stood in the back of class, now stands in the front of class.
Thank you Dance With Me and Billy and Sharon….I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!


My name is Teria Broadous “T.” After being introduced to DWM, I knew my life would be for ever changed. It woke up something in me that had been dormant since the age of around 7 years old. My mother had me in a performing arts school where I did tap, jazz, and ballet. I performed at different events. All of it came to a sudden halt after my mother became a missing person. My father shortly after became a Pastor and dancing wasn’t excepted then like it is today. I desired to be on the drill team and the cheer leading team to the point I would disobey and go to practice anyway. I finally gave up on dancing. That’s when the struggle of my weight issue began.

Since DWM has been a part of my life I have felt a missing link being returned. Billy and Catherine have made it so simple for me to pick up where I left off. I was off beat at first but I didn’t feel judged. I just kept on going.. The technique of DWM is so easy and fun that a child could pick up quick, Yet it would have you feeling like you’ve been dancing with the stars! Since I’ve started DWM I have better stamina, strength, and coordination. I also have been able to keep off the 70 pounds that I recently lost. It is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like I’m working out even though I’m dripping sweat from head to toe, literally. People keeps telling me how good I look and most importantly how my atitude is so uplifting. I thank God for giving the visionaries of DWM the ability to move forward and delivering what I believe is the new wave of fitness. Anybody from any age group can do this. So come on and Dance with Me!

I am Angela Clair and not afraid to say I am 57 and proud of it.

From the moment I took my first DWM class I knew this was different from any other classes I had taken. Yes, different because it being a dance class but more than that being in such a positive, fun, caring environment with no judgment whatsoever. You can come into class as someone who has never taken any kind of dance class and feel so comfortable. It’s ok if you don’t get the steps right away. Your there to have fun. I have Billy and Sharon to thank for this as well as the rest of the DWM family. The encouragement they give is unbelievable. I remember I was late to my first class and didn’t want to disrupt the class by walking in. Sharon saw me outside looking in came out and personally brought me into the class. I knew then I was where I was supposed to be. I have learned so much from Billy and Sharon. I am doing dances I never in a million years thought I could do and not only that Billy and Sharon gave me the encouragement to audition for their new video. I did it and that’s the point. The class gives you the confidence to do things you might not think you can do. Which makes you feel good about yourself.

Since starting DWM I have lost weight and inches. It has brought me more confidence in life and also has built up my stamina by learning how to breath right while dancing. All this makes my overall health better.

The DWM workout is different from any other dance class I have taken. Not only do you learn many dance styles and routines your working on cardio and overall body conditioning. Each class your doing at least 3 different styles of dance. I have taken other dance classes but usually they only work on a 1 certain style of dance and that’s it. Billy and Sharon make this such a fun workout with know pressure at all.

I would recommend DWM to anyone.

I just want to say thank you to Billy and Sharon for being the positive, caring creative people they are. Not only have they started a unique dance class they have created a family and friendships. Your first time don’t worry you are welcomed with open arms.

Dance With Me has changed my life in so many ways! It’s an exciting, electrifying class that I like to describe as pure-kid-in-the-candy-store-joy! From the moment I get in class to the moment I leave…I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Even outside of the class, it’s helped changed my energy level, my outlook, my strength, my emotional well being, and, of course, completely shaping and toning my body. It’s different from other workouts because I don’t feel like I’m working out. I’m having a blast, dancing like I’ve never danced before, and meeting people and creating new friendships because of the way the class comes together to encourage and cheer for each other. There’s no judgement…only support. There’s no room to get bored or in a rut with the class because there are all different dance styles that change every week. Plus the fact that it’s a full body cardio work out…so the benefits go on and on. I would recommend this to EVERYONE. All different levels can come together in this one class. I started this class when there was family illness. I needed something healthy to do for myself. I am not a gym person…but felt like if I joined, then it would force me to work out. When I found Dance With Me…I cried after the first class because I knew I had found something so unique, special and more than I was looking for. I loved it so much that I got certified and now teach. It’s so rewarding to see the students getting that same joy! Billy Blanks Jr’s Dance With Me needs to be everywhere!!

I hate exercise. Whenever I need to drop a few pounds I have to force myself to do it. I came across this workout on Comcast exercise TV and thought I’d give it a try. I never thought that I’d say this in a million years but I had FUN working out. I literally smiled through most of it. It is more like dancing than working out. It’s really upbeat and easy to follow. During some workouts I’m just figuring out the step when they move to the next step. This one wasn’t like this at all. I get a lot out of this workout because it’s fun and easy and that’s what keeps me going back for more exercise…without dread.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this workout. My sister and I have started working out and stumbled upon this treasure on the Comcast FREE exercise channel. We both had a great time and got a great workout. We loved the music and how they incorporated all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. It’s so much fun, you don’t even realize how good of a workout you are getting. I am looking forward to purchasing the DVD!!!


Billy Sr. is Awesome but Billy Jr. Is Brilliant! It’s so much fun I forgot I was working out! If you struggle with working out this dvd is for you! My mother -n- law joined in and did the whole workout with me, she doesn’t ever do that! This would be a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. I’m buying one for myself! This is the must have workout of the year!

I usually don’t like exercising, and have tried a bunch of videos. This, by far, is the BEST. I didn’t want to stop, my heart rate was up, and in one hour I burned 515 calories! I love that the Cardioke ‘Family’ is made up of real people–all different shapes and sizes. Billy and Sharon seem so genuine and really want people to enjoy exercising. Buy this today!

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  2. Penny Fakahany says:

    I love all of Billy Blanks Jr.’s workouts – it is never boring, so much fun and the time flies – Please bring Dance With Me classes to Houston, Tx soon and nearby the 77057, 77024 area!! I know they would be a big hit!!

  3. Having Funinla says:

    joined a dance with me class in my gym in studio city with tricia mcnatt and found it to be so much fun, that i changed my work schedule to make it to her class! she’s a great instructor 🙂

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