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  1. Kristen Fowler says:

    You all have been in my thoughts more than you can imagine. I am working hard to get there bc Sharon, your words to me truly changed my outlook. “Someone’s waiting for you” so said to me. At first I didn’t understand, did you think I was single waiting for love? No, I had mentioned my husband in conversation. Was someone waiting like I was slow and holding them up? No not that. And then driving home after completing the certification a day later it clicked! Someone out there needs me to do this so I can show them it IS possible and they CAN. How you knew that is what I needed to hear is something I’ll never know. But then again we are momma bears cut from the same mold and I am always ready to help someone else, but when it comes to just doing it for me…. well that never seems to work. So understanding that it is ok to do this because it’s not about me, it’s bigger than that was truly life changing! I just want to thank you: Billy and Sharon and Eric and Elijah for coming into my life and making me live up to a promise I made myself when I turned 31 in April. I said I wanted to run along side my children through their lives and inspire them to love themselves. God has a funny way of holding us to promises we make and giving us the tools we need to succeed. He gave me you and for that I am grateful. You didn’t have to come to Morgantown, WV- you didn’t have to push me to see why I should stay, or accommodate my work schedule throughout the weekend. You texted me words of encouragement that forced me to question what I wanted for myself! It means more than I can put into words. What I can say is that I won’t minimize the significance of that! I AM using this momentum to fulfill the promise I made to myself and my children. Cardioke got me off a couch 2 1/2 years ago when I weighted 367 lbs and was pregnant with my 3rd child and nothing else could. I am ready to do that for that someone waiting on me now. I truly feel like you are family to me and just had to reach out and say thank you and keep connection with you all!!!!

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